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 You bet! PINTSPACE.COM is long overdue. During the course of a normal day, printed advertisements that have cost businesses good money

either go straight into the trash bin or completely unnoticed. Don't you deserve better results from your advertising dollar? We think so! Let us

explain the benefits of implementing PINTSPACE into your advertising budget.



     PINTSPACE.COM offers guaranteed eyes and thousands of touches from your potential customers. Your advertisement is used,

rather than discarded, and, while you pay for only a year, your advertisement will remain in the marketplace for years to come.




     We will distribute a year's supply of glasses to the local bar or restaurant in your area and contract them to use it for one year.  At the end of

the year, the glasses will be given away to the establishment's customers and will, therefore, continue to be used in your area for years to come. 

Again, you pay for a year, but your ad lives much longer.  We do a new order of glasses each year and you will be the first in line to reorder for

the next year's glass!

What do the bars or restaurants get? FREE, ultra-high quality Libbey glassware complete with their name and logo!